Video Testimonials

Xiuping has been one of my best friends for 24 years. After some coaching sessions to enhance her confidence, she aced her interview and received an offer she wasn’t expecting. Watch the video to find out more.

In this video, understand how ELI has been helping Clement facing his mid life crisis, with significant changes and responsibilities in both his personal and professional life & how coaching sessions were able to guide him towards a clearer vision of his path.

From feeling lost to owning her hypnotherapy business, Jennifer talks about her journey in this video. Watch to understand how she empowered herself through the coaching sessions and ELI assessment!

Private Clients

While I already knew which area I wanted to improve in, the coaching session helped me figure out the steps I needed to do before achieving a specific goal in that area. the coach was very patient and insightful, definitely recommend everyone to try it too!
Arin Tan
The coaching session was very enriching and gave me an opportunity to explore my dreams and hopes for the future. through this session, i am now more inspired to reflect on myself, and work towards my goals
Resha Tan
Initially I started with weak basic technique, but through lessons I found that I was able to improve upon technique, focusing more on the timbre of the sound instead of just trying to play through the notes in a piece. I would greatly recommend as through lessons would be able to have a better understanding of a piece and the many aspects of playing it.
Athena Ng
Coaching with Leah help me to understand myself better. Being aware of my own thoughts and feelings about my situation, that helps me to make a more conscious decision. Leah has strong communication skills and strong emphaty towards her clients. I feel supported throughout the process.
Mery Tan

Company Testimonials

We'd like to express my heartfelt appreciation for Leah Lo's invaluable insights on parent-child communication. Leah's teachings on effective techniques, core values, listening exercises, and self-assessment activities have truly transformed the way I connect with my child, turning our conversations into natural and engaging interactions. Thanks to Leah, these sessions have become fantastic icebreakers, allowing us to better understand and connect with each other. Leah's straightforward and practical approach has made a real difference in my relationship with my child, and I'm immensely grateful for her guidance in improving our communication. We highly recommend Leah's expertise. Thank you, Leah, for making a significant positive impact on our invited guests!
Jeunesse Global Singapore

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