What is ELI? 

The Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI) is a powerful tool that provides a comprehensive understanding of how attitudes and energy impact our interactions and perceptions. By recognizing the profound influence of energy on our mindset and behaviors, individuals gain valuable insights into their default tendencies and the way they show up in various situations.

7 Levels of Energy:


Within ELI, attitudes are categorized into seven distinct levels, each representing a different energy state and mindset. These levels range from stress and negativity to empowerment and effectiveness. By identifying their average resonating level of energy, individuals can pinpoint areas for growth and development, empowering them to navigate challenges with clarity and confidence.

Transformation and Leadership Development:

Through the ELI, individuals embark on a journey of self-awareness and personal growth, paving the way for career advancement. By understanding their energy dynamics and making intentional shifts, they can elevate their attitudes and enhance their impact on others. This transformative process extends to leadership development, enabling leaders to foster a positive work environment, inspire their teams, and drive organizational success amidst the current cultural shift in the workplace. As individuals deepen their self-awareness and refine their leadership skills through ELI, they position themselves for greater opportunities for career progression and professional fulfillment.